I’ve thought about what should I write into this blog for a freaking long time now. Truth be told, about 2 years almost, since I acquired the domain name, which in reality matches my last name (or family name). I’ve thought about making this site solely about any of my hobbies, my family, job, etc. In reality – I would say that I’m not a professional dad, programmer, sysadmin, photographer, eSports caster or a teacher, but I’m slowly working my way towards it, and that’s what makes this blog kind of different – I’m talking about my perspective in things that I’m still getting a grasp on and hopefully some people will follow the same path, or at least they’ll get some ideas out of it – if I’m lucky!

Let’s talk about me.. a bit more!

So from the previous you’d gather that I do work as a teacher, a sysadmin, investor and as a father – eSports and photography are more or less like a hobby thing I have been doing. Although eSports has brought me so much pain and pleasure that I can’t even call it a hobby! eSports actually brought me my fiancĂ© and my kid, which seems not so minor at all when you think about it. For me it seemed a freaking lot to be honest. 

Breaking it down!

So … In order to break things down in an order and to give you guys an overview of my doings and stuff I’ll start writing all sorts of stuff, starting from how to NOT be a dad, how to BE a dad, and what are my worst happenings on stock market, how did I find the best broker for me and why isn’t it located in Estonia, in addition to the facts that how you should monitor your systems, and why it should not be Cacti/Nagios. 
You will see some eSports rant coming and going in this blog – also I’d not rant about R. Lewis – I actually like the guy! 
Most likely I will share some thoughts (maybe even best practices) on teaching, as my first year as a teacher will soon come to an end and I’ve gotten so much back from my great students. 

Disclaimer!: I teach at a vocational school, my class is Introduction to Computer Networks.

For the photography part – this is something I’m really passionate about, buuuut….. I rarely have the time for it! This is actually one of my biggest regrets. I have to write it down that as one of my major promises is that I will try to make more shots with my beloved Pentax and post the pictures here for you guys to see!

When it comes for investing – the deal is a bit different! You guys do know that people have new years promises to themselves – they quit smoking, they start working out, they are better selves and so forth, I thought about it differently – Me, myself had a wager going on with myself and thought that if I could learn a skill every new year I would be really satisfied with myself. Hence the first wager was to play around with my real money and try to make some “crash-landing” money for my daughter. So I thought that I would make her a college fund through investing. 

Disclaimer: So far I’m almost 4-5% in the “plus” side!


So this is it – this is what I’m going to talk about and blog about. Anyone that is reading is much appreciated and I do love everyone of you!

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