That one Christmas rant

So as I’m sitting here in the cafeteria in Tallinn Coach Station, I look around me and everyone is rushing home for Christmas. Everyone is waiting for this special chance to catch up with all of their relatives, far and near, you can say that it is this time of the year again. 
Wondering why am I here, kind of the same reason – I’m going to visit my mother-in-law and then head back to Tallinn to catch my family’s Christmas party, which would conclude in Haapsalu for the final act of this aforementioned party. 

Feeling kinda christmassy’

This hasn’t happened for a quite long time to be honest, but now it feels kinda different, mostly cause I have let my feelings in to enjoy Christmas. But the biggest “slap in the face” was when I entered the building of Tallinn’s Coach Station to see people patiently waiting for their ride home. This made me realise that Christmas is in fact present and that people have this kind of special feeling in their hearts. Every place has lit up with lights and you can find gingerbreads everywhere. Handmade, not so handmade, made in Poland, made in China, wherever, everyone is kinda christmassy’! 

Very different kind of a rant – you don’t see much of this in this blog…

… but it feels to me that It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas – everywhere you go! 

Happy holidays to each and all of you!

PS! This is the first piece I have ever written in a cafe!

PPS! This is the first blog post in this blog where the pictures aren’t mine!

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